Rachel Macauley

Principal and Africa Lead, Sourcing and Diligence

Rachel works with the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation team to identify and support innovative social entrepreneurs.

Prior to joining DRK, Rachel served as Senior Program Officer with the OCP Group, a global fertilizer producer headquartered in Morocco. As an inaugural team member of the Group’s North American subsidiary, Rachel led corporate engagement initiatives with a focus on U.S.-Africa partnerships for agricultural development. Rachel previously served as a portfolio manager at John Snow, Inc., a public health research and consulting firm, where she managed programs to strengthen civil service capacity and health systems across Africa. Rachel has worked as an independent consultant for organizations such as the International Growth Centre in London, UNDP, and the West African Rice Company, and has supported business development at Accordia Global Health Foundation (acquired by Africare).

Originally from Liberia, Rachel is passionate about leveraging business, innovation, and investing to benefit society. Rachel holds a master’s degree in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.