People always ask us how we measure impact. It’s actually the easiest question to answer. We measure through the only lens that matters — lives impacted: meals served, access to healthcare created, employment opportunities provided, social justice enabled, people housed, safe food and water delivered to those in need, and the list goes on and on. These are examples of the power of a collective community.
92.2 million students

with access to a higher-quality education

34.2 million patients

accessing low-cost, high-quality healthcare

7.88 million people

accessing healthy, affordable foods

239 organizations

have joined the DRK Portfolio

(as of March 2024)


400 million lives

have been collectively impacted by DRK portfolio organizations

1.26 million refugees and immigrants

served through humanitarian aid, resettlement support, legal services, and skills training

9.8 million people

globally connected to mental health resources

17.67 million tons of GHGs

eliminated through innovative clean energy solutions and waste reduction