The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation has the privilege of working with a diverse group of donor partners, including individuals, family foundations, private foundations and corporations, who have joined with us to support innovative entrepreneurs addressing some of the most vexing challenges facing our nation and our world.  

Since 2002, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation has raised nearly $100 million from a wide variety of donor partners and supported more than 170 social enterprises around the world, with plans to support 100 more by 2024.

Our first two funds supported 86 exemplary organizations that are making critical inroads on a diverse set of social issues. Fund III launched in 2016 with $65 million to support 100 new social entrepreneurs through 2020 who aspire to make the world a better place.

Fund I: Vintage year 2002  

$14 million contributed, 30 organizations funded

Fund II: Vintage year 2011  

$32 million contributed by > 20 donor partners; 56 organizations funded

Fund III: Vintage year 2016 

$65 million contributed by >50 donor partners; 100 organizations to be funded