Braven students cheer one another on in a large group

Why Getting Out of College Can Be As Hard As Getting In

January 26, 2017

Aimée Eubanks Davis conceived of the idea for Braven while working on the senior leadership team at Teach for America. Once a sixth-grade teacher through the organization, Eubanks Davis and her fellow TFA alums watched as former students, now college graduates, struggled to find jobs without the networks available to their wealthier peers.

Through Braven, which she launched in 2013, students learn a combination of hard skills, like crafting a résumé, and soft skills, like making small talk at networking events, to help ease the transition from college to a successful career. The three-month program is a combination of sessions with a coach — typically a 20- or 30-something professional — learning labs with exercises to practice professional writing, goal setting and other skills as well as events, like the one with Audible.

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