It’s Time to Change the Narrative

May 4, 2023

Stories shape our world. What we’re told and taught throughout history, ultimately, we too will think and believe. What if we were to peel back the layers of certain narratives? What would the truth reveal? More importantly, what would it reveal about our own limitations? Uzodinma Iweala, CEO of The Africa Center – a DRK Foundation portfolio organization – poses the question, “How does narrative shape the way that we think about a continent?” He says, “For generations, the narratives about Africa oftentimes use language that is fundamentally dehumanizing…categorizing the whole continent as a place of despair.. a place without hope.” But Africa is one of the most resource-abundant continents, accounting for more than 30% of the world’s known mineral resources. It is one of the most fertile, rich lands for agriculture, and its people are leaders who contribute greatly to the global economy. Iweala wants us to re-think our dated narratives and re-shape new narratives about who the people of Africa are… the good, the complex, the interesting… to begin a new story of the continent that is real.