Three DRK Portfolio Orgs Receive AI Prize for the Global Goals

March 18, 2024

Over the next three years, Jacaranda Health will develop, deploy, and scale a first-of-its-kind generative AI model capable of offering context-sensitive information and referral support in multiple African languages and dialects to women seeking maternal and newborn care. Near-term, 3 million women across Sub-Saharan Africa will receive improved maternal support through PROMPTS – Jacaranda’s AI-enabled digital health platform. Longer-term, Jacaranda plans to open-source the model, creating a blueprint to improve services for millions of mothers.

Over the coming year, Tarjimly will launch features that provide human translators with instant AI-generated translations that can be corrected to enable the high-fidelity data required to train large language models (LLMs) for 55 low-resourced languages. As Atif Javed, Co-Founder shared, “This development brings together the best of AI and humans, to improve translation and interpretation quality, and meet our mission to eliminate language barriers for refugees and immigrants.”

Using cutting-edge AI, Rocket Learning is gearing up to pioneer a game-changing AI and machine learning model that is primed to drive behavior change among parents and educators in low-income communities, leading to effective learning for children. “We’ll leverage AI as a powerful force for social good — preparing more kids for school, supercharging graduation rates, and lighting the path to brighter futures,” says Namya Mahajan, Co-Founder.