Cheap, Effective Treatments for Cancer Already Exist, So Why Don’t You Know About Them?

December 27, 2023

Reboot Rx envisions a future where cancer patients worldwide have access to effective, low-cost treatment options that help them live longer and better lives. Reboot Rx is fast-tracking the development of affordable cancer treatments by repurposing generic drugs using AI technology and strategic healthcare partnerships to save thousands of vulnerable patient lives. Generic drugs hold so much untapped potential to be repurposed for cancer and other diseases, yet this is not being realized because of the lack of market incentives and funding.

“Around 40% of cancer patients in the United States exhaust their life savings within two years of diagnosis. Patients urgently need more effective and affordable treatment options, and thankfully a solution already exists in the form of repurposed generic drugs,” says Laura Kleiman, PhD, Reboot Rx founder and CEO.

Learn more about Reboot Rx’s work to introduce these drugs into the standard of care for all patients in their Boston Globe Op-Ed.