Text message exchange asking for help

New Yorker: How Crisis Text Line Harnesses the Power of the Texts to Help Teens

February 1, 2015

Depression is common among teens, and its consequences are volatile: suicide is the third leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of ten and twenty-four. In that same age group, the use of text messaging is near-universal. The average adolescent sends almost two thousand text messages a month. They contact their friends more by text than by phone or e-mail or instant-message or even face-to-face conversations.

A person can contact Crisis Text Line without even looking at her phone. The number 741741 traces a simple, muscle-memory-friendly path down the left column of the keypad. Anyone who texts in receives an automatic response welcoming her to the service. Another provides a link to the organizations privacy policy and explains that she can text STOP to end a conversation at any time.

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