Text message exchange asking for help

For Teens in Crisis, the Next Text Could Be a Lifesaver

September 1, 2015

Researchers are excited about Crisis Text Line. “Young people have been reluctant to use crisis services,” observes Anthony Pisani, a suicide prevention researcher at the University of Rochester. “The top two barriers are the sense of shame and self reliance. I think Crisis Text Line has cracked the code on both of them. It offers a layer of protection from the shame of expressing your vulnerabilities. And it lowers the barrier of entry for the proud and self reliant because it’s so easy to experiment with a conversation.”

Crisis Text Line emerged from the work of DoSomething.org, a youth social change organization with over four million registered members that uses text messaging to communicate with them.

Today, Crisis Text Line’s counselors exchange 20,000 messages a day with people seeking help. Nancy Lublin, who spent 12 years as the chief executive of DoSomething.org and is now heading Crisis Text Line, which she founded, hopes to have 2,000 counselors in place by the end of the year, more than tripling its current reach.

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