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Crisis Text Line (CTL) serves anyone in crisis, providing them access to free 24/7 support and information they need, via a medium they already use and trust: text message. CTL uses new technology to address the age-old and poorly addressed issue of teen mental health. On the CTL platform, teens text one universal number which connects them to volunteer counselors across the country who are trained to offer support and professionally supervised. CTL is also able to capture data about adolescent mental health issues in the US, with the aim of improving the standard of care.

CTL is the only nationwide, free, 24/7/365 text line. No other response organization that converses with teens via text serves youth nationally, at all hours of the day, all days of the week, and all weeks of the year, for free. Additionally, CTL’s data is open and free to the public.

At a Glance
Founded: 2012
Location of work: Domestic, Northeast, West Coast, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast
Crisis Text Line
19 West 21st St., 8th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Support for people in crisis, 24/7
Nancy Lublin Crisis Text Line
Meet Nancy Lublin

Nancy began her career by founding Dress for Success, an innovative welfare-to-work organization. Under Nancy’s leadership, Dress for Success grew to more than 140 affiliates in 14 countries, suiting over 1 million women. Nancy then took on the CEO role at, implementing a turnaround that took the company from fledgling to thriving. is now one of the biggest youth organizations in the world. When began communicating with teenagers over text, the teenagers began opening up about their personal lives, many times about challenges they were facing at home or school. Nancy then realized the need for Crisis Text Line.

Nancy has been recognized by awards such as the Aspen Institute’s Crown Fellowship, Fast Company’s Social Capitalist Award, Forbes Magazine’s Trailblazer Award, and as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  She was also recently named on Fortune’s “Worlds 50 Greatest Leaders” list. Nancy studied politics at Brown University, political theory at Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar and has a law degree from New York University.


Crisis Text Line currently texts with more than 3,000 texters each day; over 70 million texts have been exchanged since operational launch in August 2013.  Each day, Crisis Text Line triggers ~20 active rescues, calling 911 to reach someone at imminent risk of suicide or homicide.

In January 2017, Crisis Text Line launched an update to, their site that gives researches access to the large-scale data the Crisis Text Line system holds, leveraging the data for smart system change on a broad scale leading to more-informed policies, journalism, and interventions across the crisis and mental health space.

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