Model & Strategy

Despite the continuous development of appropriate and impactful medical technologies, the lack of distribution into hard-to-reach communities worldwide results in billions of people lacking access to quality, affordable, life-saving healthcare. Working to close this gap, VIA Global Health has created a global distribution channel that delivers impactful medical technologies to underserved markets.

Leveraging an online marketplace, VIA creates access, builds product awareness, optimizes delivery logistics, and facilitates the flow of capital—eliminating the friction and inefficiencies of serving hard-to-reach and underserved markets.

At a Glance
Founded: 2015
Founder & CEO: Noah Perin
Location of work: International, Africa
VIA Global Health
Seattle, WA
Delivering universal access to the tools enabling quality healthcare.
Meet Noah Perin

Noah Perin led the Maternal Health Technology portfolio at the global health NGO PATH, championing the development and commercialization of products such as the Ellavi UBT for postpartum hemorrhage and LifeWrap NASG for treating shock. Noah has an MBA and MPP from Duke University.


Since 2017, VIA has distributed life‐saving technologies to underserved communities in 41 countries where they were previously unavailable. An example of these impactful technologies include:
Bubble CPAPs have treated nearly 35,000 newborns suffering from respiratory distress.

Non‐pneumatic anti‐shock garments have protected more than 205,000 new mothers from dying from uncontrolled postpartum hemorrhage.