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Trey Athletes is a youth sports nonprofit on a mission: By providing a new set of tools for high school athletes, Trey empowers diverse young leaders and role models, gives a voice to under-represented communities, and improves the culture of college sports.

Trey’s premier leadership development program is specially-designed for high-potential high school athletes — some of the most visible and diverse young people in the world. Trey teaches athletes how to make informed college decisions, transfer sport-based leadership skills into post-sport life, and leverage their immense influence to create positive community change.

Trey also works on behalf of athletes everywhere. By utilizing objective, fact-based data in conjunction with student surveys, esteemed research partners, and industry thought leaders, Trey creates systemic transparency to the benefit of all athletes, families, and communities.

Sports is the great unifier, and athletes today have more influence than ever before. By investing in a group of self-identified leaders, who are individually vulnerable but collectively powerful, Trey is developing the talented young athletes of today to be tomorrow’s changemakers. When Trey Athletes realize their potential far beyond the field or court, only then will we realize the true power of sports.

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At a Glance
Founded: 2018
Location of work: Domestic
Trey Athletes
Dallas, TX
Trey empowers athletes to be leaders, role models, and influential voices for their communities.
Trey Athletes entrepreneurs Rebecca Feickert and Brian Reynolds
Meet Rebecca Feickert & Brian Reynolds

Lifelong friends and social entrepreneurs Rebecca Feickert and Brian Reynolds came to this work through two different, yet equally meaningful paths.

Rebecca is a former tax expert passionate about using sport for social good. After growing up in rural North Dakota, Rebecca played basketball at the University of Kansas. She transferred her skills from sport into public accounting and private equity, then earned her MBA from Harvard Business School.

A native Kansan, Brian is a former investment banker, private equity investor, and fashion merchant. Brian’s passion for college athletics and the loss of childhood friends and teammates to gang violence spurred his decision to leave the for-profit sphere to design, build, and scale Trey Athletes.

Rebecca and Brian were shocked to realize that many of their athlete peers were struggling emotionally and financially in life after collegiate sports. Determined to help athletes everywhere avoid the same fate, and after two years of research and solution-testing, Rebecca and Brian launched Trey Athletes in 2018.


Trey Athletes is on track to reach more than 2,000 high-potential athletes by 2022.

As validated by post-program impact surveys from SZN 1: 97% of Trey Athletes showed an increase in social-emotional learning; 87% of Trey Athletes showed an increase in knowledge of how to create educational and career opportunities through sport; 100% of Trey Athletes showed an increase in prosocial behaviors and a sense of responsibility to help their communities.