Model & Strategy

Transcend is dedicated to accelerating breakthrough innovation in school model design, to cultivate students who will thrive in and transform the 21st century. Transcend partners with visionary school operators to engage in deep, rigorous research and development (R&D) to create, codify, and ultimately spread innovative learning environments.

Transcend assembles world‐class R&D talent (both individuals and organizations) with expertise in a range of areas. These talent pods provide the external R&D capacity that is often much needed, while also helping to grow, unleash, and orchestrate the capacity that already exists within our school partner’s leadership, staff, students, and community. Transcend anticipates engaging in 2-4 school redesign projects/year, with the ultimate goal of creating multiple breakthrough school models that can scale to dramatically improve outcomes for all students.

At a Glance
Founded: 2015
Co-Founder: Aylon Samouha
Co-Founder: Jeff Weztler
Location of work: Domestic, Northeast, West Coast, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast
Chicago, IL
Building beyond the limits of school design
Aylon Samouha of Transcend
Meet Aylon Samouha

Aylon Samouha has 5 years of experience in school model design & build – currently with the charter network Achievement First leading Greenfield Design, previously with Rocketship Education as Chief Schools Officer. Prior, Aylon held roles in senior leadership at Teach For America and at SCORE! Educational Centers.

Co-founder Jeff Wetzler has 10 years of experience in national executive leadership at Teach For America managing design, research, innovation, and strategy, and 9 years at the Monitor Group. He holds a doctorate in Education from Columbia Teachers College and sits on the Board of Uncommon Schools (NY board), New Classrooms Innovation Partners, and the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education.


Transcend is currently partnered with 40+ school operators on 10+ school innovation projects, collectively serving over 28,000 students.


Over the next 3-5 years, Transcend expects to play a critical role in the development, codification, and spread of 5-7 school models that will have reached at least 250 school communities and more than 50,000 students.