Model & Strategy

There are 2 billion people whose livelihood depends on smallholder farming. Current farming practices, however, are on track to degrade 90% of Earth’s soil by 2050. This is bad news not only for the small farmer but for everyone. reNature is a Dutch organization that is one of very few players integrating smallholders in the Global South into the growing market for regenerative products. They link supply from farmer coops with demand for inputs from corporate brands. Backed by rigorous science, which has positioned them as a leader in the field, reNature’s founders aspire to build a sustainable company that accelerates both the supply and demand of regenerative agricultural products. They have demonstrated traction through early wins with major corporate payers seeking capacity and access to sustainable supply chains.

Through building demand and supply together, reNature is creating the possibility for regenerative agricultural practices to be profitable for farmers in developing countries. reNature, therefore, has two types of customers/beneficiaries. The first is corporate brands that wish to source regeneratively grown inputs, but do not have a ready way to do so. They act as paying customers for reNature’s services. The second is the farmer or farmer cooperative, which understands the market potential of these practices, but requires technical assistance and financial support to implement the transition. reNature serves as the “glue” in this nascent and high-value market for regeneratively grown products, accelerating the growth of both supply and demand, and effectively bridging the two together so that regenerative agriculture scales to its potential while improving smallholder livelihoods.

At a Glance
Founded: 2022
Food & Agriculture
Location of work: International
Netherlands, Europe
Supporting farmers & corporations in the transition towards Regenerative Agriculture
Meet Marco de Boer & Felipe Villela

Marco de Boer is a Dutch specialist on marketing, branding and communications. Marco’s brand building capabilities have helped to create reNature’s outsized influence. reNature not only promotes itself, but has raised the visibility of the entire practice of regenerative agriculture.

Felipe Villela is a Brazilian agribusiness entrepreneur based in Amsterdam with longstanding technical expertise in transitioning farms to regenerative practices. His family in Brazil has 60+ years experience in large-scale organic citrus farming. Felipe has been selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, is an advisor to the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) and Lead Author at the UN Environment Program (UNEP) for the Global Environmental Outlook for Business.


Serving 7,000+ farmers primarily in Latin America and Africa

Converted 40,000 hectares (+100,000 acres) to regenerative ag — 40x their initial projections