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macro-eyes is a machine learning company increasing access to care.  macro-eyes is building and deploying “last mile” intelligence that brings AI to the foundations of care to personalize patient care and drive operational efficiency.

macro-eyes artificial intelligence (AI) was designed by Chief AI Officer and co-founder Suvrit Sra, PhD. Suvrit is an Assistant Professor at MIT and renowned expert in large-scale machine learning and optimization. macro-eyes AI was refined and deployed at Stanford, Providence St. Joseph Health, community health centers across the United States, and at a leading academic medical center in New York City.

The United States is facing a $150,000,000 crisis in access to care. Patients wait longer than ever to see a provider (25 days and counting), yet healthcare providers operate at an estimated 70% capacity due to ineffective scheduling. macro-eyes software, Sibyl, is intelligent patient scheduling that machine learns when each patient is most likely to show and uses this insight to build, in real-time, the schedule that increases access to care and maximizes utilization. By building a better foundation for care, we believe we can improve the very structure of healthcare.

A focus on building intelligent scheduling which anticipated demand led macro-eyes to another critical scheduling issue: the delivery of vaccines. Global vaccination rates have stagnated stubbornly at ~86%. That means approximately every fifth child is left unimmunized, while cost per vaccination rises precipitously. macro-eyes is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and implement a predictive supply chain for vaccines that will anticipate shifts in demand and eliminate stock-outs. The aim is to maximize childhood vaccination coverage and minimize vaccine wastage.

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At a Glance
Founded: 2014
Co-Founder & CEO: Benjamin Thelonious Fels
Chief Business Officer: Drew Arenth
Location of work: Domestic, International, Africa
Seattle, WA
The future of health
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Benjamin Fels macro-eyes entrepreneur
Meet Benjamin Thelonious Fels

Benjamin Fels founded macro-eyes in 2014 with Chief AI Officer Suvrit Sra, PhD and Chief Design Officer Sebastian Kaupert. Benjamin has worked his whole career on interrelated concepts in pattern recognition: the history of art to quantitative finance to healthcare; the roots of macro-eyes lie in the years he spent at a private fund in Chicago and London where he led quantitative, technology and market teams. The founding mission of macro-eyes was to bring effective pattern recognition to where it is most critical, to bring machine learning into the real world. The essential mandate has not changed.

Benjamin and Drew Arenth began their intellectual adventure together racing across their elementary school playground in Fall City, Washington; the victor has long been in dispute.

Drew supported macro-eyes from the onset, officially joining macro-eyes in 2017 as Chief Business Officer to advance commercialization, bring strategic rigor to global health work, and bring structure to a company with radical R&D at its core.  Drew’s career has been focused on transforming logistics and supply chains into high-performance systems in some of the most demanding environments in the world. He has worked in global supply chain, healthcare, and development research. He believes that the toolset of business can advance more than profit and sees macro-eyes bringing a transformative shift in how problems are solved.



Macro-Eyes has demonstrated in blinded, retrospective analysis the ability to predict patient behavior with 80% accuracy and use this insight to cut empty appointment slots by 50%, addressing the $150B US access to care crisis. Macro-eyes product Sibyl is A.I. for patient scheduling that allows providers to see more patients each day without adding hours to the caregivers’ day. Sibyl has analyzed more than 4M patient appointments.

Sibyl is live at Arkansas Heart Hospital, one of the largest cardiology centers in the nation, and macro-eyes recently signed a contract with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences and formalized a partnership with the California Primary Care Association to bring Sibyl to the 1,400 CPCA health centers across the state of California.

In 2017, awarded funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID to design the first predictive supply chain for vaccines. macro-eyes has demonstrated the ability to predict vaccine utilization with 70% greater accuracy than the most sophisticated model for forecasting on the market. The macro-eyes predictive supply chain is a layer of insight that anticipates shifts in consumption and demand and recommends appropriate deliveries of vaccine supply.

The work of macro-eyes has been instrumental in creating a legal framework for machine learning with immunization and supply chain data with partner countries in East Africa. And in 2018, they were awarded funding to design an approach for engaging frontline health workers and encoding the shared information for machine learning, gaining access to real-time, on-the-ground insight.