Model & Strategy

Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE) is a health-rooted, violence intervention and prevention movement that was born out of Detroit’s Sinai-Grace Hospital (SGH) – a hospital that handles the highest rate of penetrating trauma in the state of Michigan.

DLIVE’s team is built around its Violence Intervention Specialists (VIS) – individuals of remarkable stature, vision, and ability – who carry out DLIVE’s core activity by engaging with young adult trauma patients in the hospital who have just sustained an injury from a firearm, stabbing, or assault.

The VIS and the participant collaboratively develop a customized therapeutic plan for transformation. This sets into motion a multi-disciplinary DLIVE team effort to design, implement, and execute innovative strategies and solutions centered around key Social Determinants of Health. These include mental health, housing, food insecurity, and transportation, among many more.

At a Glance
Founded: 2016
Location of work: Domestic, Midwest
Detroit, MI
Transforming trauma.
Meet Tolulope Sonuyi & Raymond Winans

Tolulope Sonuyi credits large parts of his learning and inspiration to his involvement in community-based empowerment work in youth mentorship and community health projects. After obtaining his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School and completing his Emergency Medicine residency training, he began his Emergency Medicine career at Detroit Medical Center SGH. Tolulope has been named Clinical Teacher of the Year, received the Crain’s Health Hero award, and was named 2017 Michigan College Emergency Physician of the Year.

Raymond Winans is a Detroit native who has used his transformation and triumph over trials to create pathways of promise and motivation for future generations. He is one of Detroit’s most prominent voices addressing community organization, gang culture, and street violence. He has accomplished a wide range of community work, including founding an organization called Keeping Them Alive, curbing the number of fighting incidents at a high school challenged with violence, and providing leadership for Detroit’s Ceasefire program. Ray has been recognized for his impactful work locally and nationally, as a BMe leader, a Willis Young Award national recipient, and recipient of community excellence award by the Wayne County Executive.


In DLIVE’s first two years, the results for the first 45 DLIVE participants were striking: while historical recidivism rates in Detroit are 44%, DLIVE had no re-injuries or deaths.

To date, with over 100 people served, recurrent injury rates are less than 4%.


DLIVE has expanded to serve the major trauma center at Detroit Receiving Hospital and is implementing several other initiatives, including an educational curriculum for participants and outreach at the Juvenile Detention Center.