Model & Strategy

BoxPower streamlines rural energy procurement, installation, and operation with its software and hardware innovation. BoxPower’s Energy Audit and System Integration(EASI) design process selects one of BoxPower’s modular products optimized for energy production and economic return while reducing procurement from months to days.

Through its proprietary and easy-to-assemble prefabricated solar racking systems, BoxPower can be installed anywhere in a single day and is 25% the cost of a diesel generator. Each unit offsets 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide and combines solar cells, a battery, and a backup generator.

BoxPower provides microgrid solar energy solutions for remote and rural areas, creating a clean, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to diesel generators to meet medical clinic, community, commercial and agricultural needs. BoxPower is able to catalyze economic opportunity and productivity by providing affordable, reliable, and convenient power to rural populations around the world left behind by traditional energy infrastructure.

BoxPower technology was developed at Princeton University beginning in 2011, where it was funded by the National Science Foundation, winning 1st place at the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Sustainable Design Expo, and receiving coverage in publications including Forbes and Microgrid Knowledge.

At a Glance
Founded: 2017
Location of work: Domestic
Grass Valley, CA
Clean, reliable energy. Anywhere.
Large pane of solar panels
Angelo Campus and Anderson Barklow
Meet Angelo Campus & Anderson Barklow

BoxPower is led by co-founders Angelo Campus (CEO) and Anderson Barkow (CFO) and Michele Campus (COO). Angelo began the early versions of BoxPower as a research project while completing his undergraduate degree at Princeton, where he designed an independent major combining civil engineering and anthropology, with a focus on renewable energy technologies and business models for rural electrification. Angelo graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University and is a Forbes 30 under 30 listmaker, Echoing Green Fellow, Halcyon Fellow, Global Social Benefit Institute Fellow, and winner of the 2017 Tiger Entrepreneur Award.

Prior to joining BoxPower, Anderson held investment banking and social finance roles at RSF Social Finance, Bank of America, and Wakabi Boda Solutions in Uganda. Anderson graduated magna cum laude from Santa Clara University and is a Halcyon Fellow, Global Social Benefit Institute Fellow, and Wild Gift Finalist for his work with BoxPower.


BoxPower has deployed more than thirty microgrids to date. Locations include remote Alaskan indigenous communities, Puerto Rican communities devastated after Hurricane Maria and the early 2020 earthquakes, and remote areas of California suffering the effects of wildfires.

It has impacted over 4,000 energy users with a total expected lifetime CO2 offset of 28 million pounds or 1,300 gallons of diesel. By 2023, BoxPower seeks to impact 60,000 individuals through 866 deployments offsetting 1.7 billion pounds of CO2 or 77 million gallons of diesel.