Model & Strategy

More than 300 million children in developing countries are enrolled in school, but simply not learning. Teachers could make the most significant difference to address this learning crisis, but in practice are frequently neither motivated nor equipped to effectively do so.  STIR’s vision is to build a movement of teacher changemakers to address this global learning crisis. Our model empowers teachers to re-imagine their role in leading change in their classrooms, schools and the wider education system.

STIR finds teachers with an initial spark of innovation and commitment within the existing school system – and recognizes their most promising ‘micro-innovations’ that improve learning. These teachers are then formed into local teacher innovation networks, to support the spreading and implementation of these innovations. Teachers in STIR’s networks are subsequently connected to a rich ecosystem of partners who can provide further support, and to policy makers to inspire more ambitious structural reform.

To achieve scale, STIR embeds its model and approach within other leading education NGOs and the government school system. STIR seeks to build a movement of over 30,000 teacher changemakers across India (in 10 Indian states) and East Africa (Uganda) over the next three years, in order to improve learning levels for over a million children.

At a Glance
Founded: 2012
Location of work: International, Africa, Asia
STIR Education
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Empowering teachers to be changemakers
Meet Sharath Jeevan

Sharath Jeevan, founder and CEO of STIR Education, also founded Teaching Leaders, an innovative UK education non-profit that attracted over $25M in national expansion funding, and was replicated in the U.S. with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This experience was key to helping Sharath realize the potential that teachers could play in leading education reform, particularly in developing countries such as India (where Sharath was born) where the lack of teacher motivation and skills are currently contributing to a learning crisis.

Sharath spends the majority of his time working with and supporting STIR’s senior team across India, Uganda and the UK, and overseeing STIR’s strategy and the development of key strategic and resource partnerships. He previously held senior roles at eBay UK (where he founded eBay for Charity), consultants Booz & Co, online marketplace GlobalGiving and international NGO Action Aid.  Sharath was also announced a 2016 Honorary Doctorate at Roehampton University.


As of December 2016 STIR has reached 1,091,520 children throughout India and Uganda by engaging 27,373 teachers in networks.

Recent findings from external evaluations in Delhi show statistically significant effects on teacher effort of between 5% and 9% in STIR schools and a statistically significant improvement in maths levels.