Measuring impact across a broad portfolio is complex. We measure our foundation's impact in many ways, one of which is through the people and the number of lives our portfolio affects; another is through how these organizations grow over the course of our three-year engagement. We also look at the ability of our portfolio to change the systems that cause or contribute to the societal problems on which they are focused.

social enterprises have joined the DRK Portfolio (as of March 2017)


Leverage Ratio for each dollar DRK invests in its portfolio organizations


compound annual Growth Rate in revenue of organizations in our portfolio


women entrepreneurs in Solar Sister’s network, selling solar lanterns, clean cookstoves and cell phone chargers in rural African communities


messages have been exchanged with individuals in distress through Crisis Text Line since launch in 2013


patients have received medications they need to be healthy from Sirum


U.S. Students benefited by the work of Education Pioneers’ fellows and alumni


reduction in child mortality rates in Mali in the areas where Muso works


Liberian communities receiving health care daily thanks to Last Mile Health