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WattTime Awarded Climate Action Grant from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

December 17, 2021

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation has named 10 climate action organizations around the world to the 2022 Accelerator Grant Program to advance their use of data and AI for impact, as part of its $4.5 million commitment to climate action.

The Accelerator Grant recipients will receive data support, tools, and expert guidance from the Foundation’s in-house Direct Data and AI Services team for a data project, as well as $100,000 in this innovative philanthropic-nonprofit collaboration. Another $3.5 million in grants has been awarded to 11 more organizations for climate action innovations including a World Emissions Clock, a Natural Climate Solutions Roadmap, and an open-source Surface Temperature Data Set.

Included in the recipients is DRK grantee WattTime. WattTime offers technology solutions that make it easier for individuals and organizations to achieve emissions reductions. The $500,000 grant will support the advancement of emissionality through increased global coverage and publicizing partnerships.

Learn more about all of the recipients.