Rocket Learning Wins Award to Help 30M Children Across India Become School-Ready

September 15, 2023

Rocket Learning has won Google’s AI for Global Goals award. They will receive $1.5 million in grant funding and additional support from Google’s philanthropic arm – This support will supercharge their mission of ensuring pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills for 50 million children in the next five years. Using cutting-edge AI, Rocket Learning is gearing up to pioneer a game-changing AI and machine learning model that is primed to drive behavior change among parents and educators in low-income communities, leading to effective learning for children.

Namya Mahajan, co-founder of Rocket Learning, said, “As we look to what’s next, we’re looking to scale. To reach more young people, we’re going to work with Anganwadi workers, India’s childcare providers. The Indian government sponsors childcare and nutrition centers for its poorest communities. We are providing these childcare heroes with the essential tools and training needed to transform them into bona fide early education experts. We’ll leverage AI as a powerful force for social good — preparing more kids for school, supercharging graduation rates, and lighting the path to brighter futures.”

Rocket Learning is India’s leading EdTech nonprofit catalyzing systems change and community engagement in public early childhood education (ECE). They empower parents and community daycare workers through the Indian government system by using technology, media, and social influence techniques, creating vibrant digital communities where children can learn. By helping India’s government launch its first universal ECE policy, Rocket Learning directly reaches 1.5M students daily through 70K digital communities of parents and daycare center workers; the average child in each community cohort attains essential school-readiness skills, reaching the top 30% of their class.