HEAL Initiative’s Phuoc Le Joins UCSF Teach-In

February 1, 2016

On February 25, 2016, HEAL Initiative‘s co-founder, Phuoc Le, joined a group of panelists to share personal experiences during a teach-in at UC San Francisco. The speakers engaged in a emotional discussion about injustice, intolerance and inequities and their profound impact on health in America. The teach-in was moderated by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. Phuoc’s introductory comments are powerful and detailed below

“Before I was a doctor, I was a refugee, I was a boat person from Vietnam escaping a dismal future. Before I was a pediatrician, I went to school with Bloods, Crips, and Oriental Boyz in South Sacramento. One of them gunned down my cousin. Before I joined the 1%, I was on food stamps and Section 8 housing. My mother toiled for 3 dollars an hour, 12 hours a day in a Vietnamese restaurant. You’ll hear a lot during this hour about the power of narrative and the consequences of unconscious bias in health care…It is because of my upbringing that I can naturally empathize with the poor, struggling class…As health care providers, we must recognize that narrative equity is a prerequisite to achieve health equity,” says Le.

Read the article here.
Watch the video here. (Phuoc’s comments start at about 1:31:25)