America Abroad Media Wins Gracie Award for Documentary about Islamic Feminism

March 1, 2016

From life at home to the workplace to houses of worship, women around the world are striving for autonomy and equality — but the challenges differ from one society to the next. In this program America Abroad Media examined Muslim countries and communities, as reporters on three continents told the story of how Muslim women, and men, are grappling with how to reconcile feminist principles through the prism of their faith, seeking to draw inspiration from Islam even as they confront its hardline interpretations.

The hour-long program shows how an Islamic study center in Cairo squares its teachings with the changing status of women. A segment from a courthouse in Morocco spotlights changes in Muslim family law that are improving women’s legal status. A report from France portrays the interplay of Islam and feminism in the shadow of the state’s ideology of secularism. And in the United States, a reporter visited a rare all-female mosque, and learned how one Muslim feminist advances her cause through comedy.

Click here to listen to “Understanding Islamic Feminism.”