300 Million Reasons To Believe. These five simple words say it all. More than anything else, the 300 million lives impacted by our portfolio organizations are a powerful reminder that in a world where hope is in short supply, there is plenty of it in the DRK community. We see every day just what is possible through the work of these incredible leaders who are tackling some of society’s most complex issues in communities too often ignored—neither seen, nor heard—not because they don’t exist or they have no voice, but because the world is not looking or listening. Twenty years ago when we began this work, the thought—let alone the reality—that our portfolio could have this kind of impact in the world was unimaginable. Today it is a reality. Visit the link below to learn more about DRK’s work in 2021-2022 and the accomplishments of our portfolio.

Download the 2021-22 Annual Report