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Millions of Americans are underemployed in low-wage jobs, while U.S. employers are struggling to find talent with the skills they need. Merit America’s goal is to provide a path to skilled careers for the millions of Americans without college degrees, who are working in low-wage jobs and struggling to succeed in a changing economy. By combining new technologies with significant in-person support, Merit is developing the most effective and scalable model in the field. Merit America’s strategy includes:

-Partnering with employers to secure hiring commitments and understand the specific skills needed for their roles.

-Operating blended learning programs aligned to those skills that mix the best of online learning with in-person support.

-Serving Americans without Bachelor’s degrees, with fast and flexible programs that work for working adults.

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Founded: 2018
Economic Empowerment
Location of work: Domestic
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Closing the skills gap at scale
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Meet Rebecca Taber Staehelin

Rebecca Taber Staehelin has spent the past decade focusing on education-for-employment across the private, public and social sectors. After graduating from Yale, she worked as a management consultant in the Washington D.C. office of McKinsey, where she advised a range of educational institutions, including the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE). She left McKinsey to become Chief Performance Officer at the DDOE and was later appointed Education Advisor to Delaware Governor Jack Markell.

During her four years in Delaware, Rebecca saw firsthand how the current higher education system largely fails students from low-income families, with the vast majority leaving higher education with significant debt, and no degrees to show for it. After completing her joint MBA and MA in Education at Stanford, Rebecca joined Coursera, the world’s largest online education platform, as the Head of Government & Nonprofit Partnerships – with the goal of understanding how technology could help expand access to educational opportunity. Over her four years in Silicon Valley, Rebecca saw how new education technologies could indeed help people transform their lives, but also that technology advances were primarily reaching those who had already succeeded in the traditional education system.

From those experiences came the idea for Merit America.


Merit America is focused on generating immediate Social Return on Investment (SROI) – by driving near-term wage gains for learners that greatly exceed Merit costs, and that continue to grow in subsequent years.

Over 1,500 candidates applied for Merit America’s pilot cohorts, which reached 70 learners in 2018. Over 80% of those learners earned industry-recognized credentials, 3.5X faster than the suggested time. Merit is on-track to drive an average near-term wage gain of $10K+ per learner, compared to a cost of <$5K per learner served. Merit’s signed partnerships with multiple Fortune 500 companies have been key to driving these immediate wage gains.

Merit America plans to scale rapidly to dozens of regional sites reaching tens of thousands of learners annually, with the goal of becoming the leading provider of accessible skill development for working adults.