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Avanti’s Learning Centers provide low-income high-school students in India a world-class science and mathematics education through a peer learning model

Each year bright, motivated high-school students are selected for a two-year program at Avanti’s Learning Centers. These Centers employ a blended learning model that uses recorded videos and online testing coupled with high-impact tutoring. The use of technology frees teachers to focus on giving students the individualized attention they need to succeed at India’s highly competitive college entrance exams.

Students at Avanti’s Centers have consistently outperformed students in traditional high-end classroom coaching programs. Their work is supported by the largest student volunteer organization in India (over 250 student volunteers at India’s top schools) and brings public school systems, policy makers and the private sector together to drive systemic change through India’s educational system.

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Akshay Saxena 


Akshay Saxena, Avanti’s President, worked with the Boston Consulting Group, the UN World Food Programme and the International Save the Children Alliance before serving on the founding team of two venture backed medical device companies. Akshay graduated with a bachelors and masters degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and is currently on a leave of absence from the MBA program at Harvard Business School.

Avanti’s genesis came from the student mentor program at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, where Akshay and his co-founder Krishna Ramkumar helped mentor first-year students through a team of student volunteers. Over six million high-school graduates in India are denied access to a quality undergraduate education. Students from low-income homes are massively underrepresented at India’s top colleges – primarily from a lack of quality teaching and mentoring when in high-school. After a few years working in the corporate and non-profit sectors, they co-founded Avanti in 2010 to mobilize student volunteers across India to help tackle this problem. They won the Stanford BASES Social E-Challenge in 2010 and were chosen as Echoing Green Fellows in 2012. 


  • Since its inception in 2010, Avanti has reached 60,000+ students through direct and indirect programming
  • 250+ students have graduated Avanti’s program in 8 Indian cities. All of these students have gone on to attend college, with 22 students placed in the top 1% in the country
  • Avanti's efforts are supported by 250+ student volunteers across India's top college campuses who've delivered 15,000+ hours of mentoring and tutoring to date
  • Avanti dramatically reduces teacher dependence and provides a solution to the shortage of over 1 million trained teachers in India